Auswahl-Popup in ABAP Report anzeigen

Copy & Paste Beispiel für ein PopUp in einem Report. Stellt mehrere Werte dar und gibt die ausgewählten Werte zurück.

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REPORT zpopup_sel. TYPE-POOLS: slis. DATA: BEGIN OF lt_data OCCURS 0. INCLUDE STRUCTURE sflight. DATA: sel TYPE c, "mit Multiselect END OF lt_data. DATA: l_selfield TYPE slis_selfield. PARAMETERS: p_title TYPE sy-title. " Pop-Up title mit sy-title überschreiben START-OF-SELECTION. SELECT * FROM sflight INTO TABLE lt_data. " Default-Daten übernehmen. CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT' "Popup Aufrufen EXPORTING i_title = p_title i_selection = 'X' i_zebra = 'X' i_checkbox_fieldname = 'SEL' i_tabname = 'LT_DATA' i_structure_name = 'SFLIGHT' IMPORTING es_selfield = l_selfield TABLES t_outtab = lt_data EXCEPTIONS program_error = 1 OTHERS = 2. WRITE: 'Selected entries:'. LOOP AT lt_data WHERE w_sel = 'X'. WRITE: / lt_data-carrid, lt_data-price. ENDLOOP.

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Popup Selection screen